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My Treatment Approach


I believe for any treatment to work, it needs to complement what is going on in your life. 


By the time many patients come to see me, they are in a state of stress both physically and emotionally. A treatment plan should not add to your stress.


That’s why my treatment approach is based on supporting you to make small, manageable changes to your lifestyle and habits.


Small changes can have a large impact. As you start to change one area of your life, you will find other areas are naturally positively affected.  Even going to bed half an hour earlier can have a profound impact on how you feel when you wake up the next morning.


And as the changes are manageable, you will find you will be able to maintain and build on them.


Your first consultation: your holistic health review


During your first consultation, we will talk in detail about what's going on for you, your symptoms and your health priorities and goals. I will listen to you carefully, empathetically, and non-judgmentally.


 I use Iridology as a powerful tool to assess your body’s strengths and weaknesses and pin point the areas that we need to nurture.   


This approach helps to identify underlying causes for your health concerns.


We will discuss nutrition and lifestyle habits in detail. Many different health ailments can improve dramatically when you feed your body the right nutrients or you resolve malabsorption issues in the gut. Together, we formulate a nutrition and lifestyle plan that is realistic and achievable. 


I then prepare an individualised herbal medicine and Bach Flower tonic aimed at addressing your specific health concerns.


You will leave your consultation with a copy of your personalised treatment plan.  We schedule a follow up consultation in 5 weeks to check how you are progressing and whether any adjustments need to be made.


Together we discover what your body needs to live an enriched life, in balance and harmony.


I support you throughout your treatment


In between consultations, you can call, text or email me with any questions or concerns.  This service is included in your consultation fee. I encourage you to contact me – I’m here to support you throughout your treatment.

Follow up consultations


After your first follow up consultation (generally 5 weeks after your initial consultation), depending on your progress, you may require another follow up 6 weeks later.


Once your condition has stabilised, I usually recommend follow ups every 3 months if required.  


If your condition has resolved, then you may not need another appointment.


Of course, you can contact me or make an appointment any time you need to.

Deanne Apostolou herbalist and natural health practitioner at her clinic in Newcastle
“You don’t have to suffer.
My aim is to make you feel as good as you possibly can.”  

The 5 steps in my natural treatment approach:


  1. I listen to you carefully and non-judgmentally 

  2. We identify any underlying causes for your health concerns

  3. We set your plan to make small, manageable changes in your habits; and I mix your personalised herbal tonic 

  4. You follow your plan for 5 weeks

  5. We review and adjust your plan

Read what my patients have said about my approach

Take the first step to improve your health and well-being

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